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Catherine Maguire

I am a passionate hypnotherapist and counsellor who loves working with families and young people to help find solutions. I am highly qualified and experienced in Counselling, Social Care, Education, Youth Work and Therapy.

From early on I’ve looked after people, my Mum had a tumour on her spine when I was a young girl and this meant I was the main carer and often cared for my younger sisters.

As a result of this, I have always been the voice of the under-represented with my work as a University Representative on the Student Council, being a domestic abuse advocate and a young person’s advocate.

I am committed to helping and supporting those hard to reach and engage. Sometimes others would have given up on the young person but I never give up. I have had people give up on me after my trauma when I was displaying challenging behaviour and I got to learn what motivation and support is required in these challenging times to build resilience. I believe young people can always transform with positive outcomes.

I work in an integrated way, using skills in CBT, counselling, special needs and hypnotherapy to tailor the support for the beds of the client. You are unique and so are your needs.

I am DBS checked, supervised to ensure I adhere to BACP standards and ethics, and also am a member of the NCH National council for hypnotherapy.

I am also a safeguarding lead for The Henry Allen Trust- cancer charity, and advisor to the CSE project in children’s services.

How I can help

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

We all want to be healthy, physically and mentally. I support through using my 20 plus years of mental health training and work in children’s services to use creative methods that work.

Person Centred Counselling Hypnotherapy

Person Centred Counselling Hypnotherapy

As Dr Seuss says’ Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you’. Non-judgmental and empowering therapy just for you.


For the last 8 months Cat has been helping our 9-year-old son come to terms with various issues that have manifested themselves following his successful treatment for cancer 2 years ago. Our son was brave beyond belief during his 27 weeks of chemotherapy including 13 weeks spent in the USA having proton beam therapy but it has caused significant changes in his personality and Cat is directly doing a wonderful job treating these changes. Whilst she is specifically treating our son, she is also having huge positive effect on our entire family. Her infectious positivity has galvanised our entire family and we are embracing her methods and recommendations. We are incredibly grateful to Cat for being such a very important part of our lives.

As a therapist she has immeasurably assisted our son and also our family but we consider Cat to be more than just our son’s therapist, she has selflessly made herself available over and above the regular sessions with our son.

Martin Day and Allegra El-Khazen

I’ve known Cathy for 5 years now and she has worked with me on and off during that time.

She is an amazing support to me. She is extremely understanding and I feel like I could tell her anything. Cathy has given me so much advise and inspires me to believe in myself and to keep going even on my bad days.

I honestly wish there were more people like her in this world.

She has so much patience and is incredibly kind and sensitive towards others feelings these qualities make Cathy so approachable and easy to talk to.

Cathy has given me so much confidence to achieve the things I have and for that, I will be forever grateful.


Chloe Clarke 

I’ve known Cat for 8 months and she has made a bigger impact on me and my life in the 8 months that I’ve known her more than most people have in years.

She is an extremely bubbly and happy person, she puts everyone before herself daily and always brings joy and happiness to everyone she meets. I know personally that she makes the people around her happy even when they are going through a hard time, because of her being so happy and understanding she is the easiest person to talk to. Everything feels natural and she listens to you and helps you work your way through things, making sure that you know that you’re not alone whilst going through your problems.

My friends go to see her and they could go in in tears and so unbelievably upset but as soon as the exit that room their mood has completely flipped, they’re smiling and laughing and its all because of Cat.

I know that Cat has helped me in ways that no one else has, she understands me and my problems better than anyone I know. I’ve had countless counselors who have done nothing for me, none of them have helped me and none have ever got through the wall that I’ve built. After just a few sessions with Cat, I found myself telling her things that I hadn’t spoken about in years.

If Cat weren’t to return back to working at my school, it would definitely cause chaos, the girls at my school need Cat, I need Cat. She needs to be back at school working.

Sophia Rodley , St Andrews school Bedford

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to actively work alongside Cat as a very valued volunteer and have had the experience of her fondness and sheer dedication to The Henry Allen Trust and of bettering our local
community life in many ways.

I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and great understanding, compassion and empathy.

Cat works closely with our bereaved children, children ongoing treatment of Childhood Cancers and their parents with the utmost well-being standards to an exceptional degree. The relationships Cat has built with our families is truly remarkable.

Dawn Allen – Director and Founder of The Henry Allen Trust

Book a chat or consultation

I am available Monday to Friday for consultations and am happy to have a pre-consultation chat so that we can discuss the program that best suits your needs.


Pre-consultation chat

Cost: FREE
Time: 15 minutes
Location: Telephone

Integrative Therapy

Cost: Fees are £45 per session
Time: 45 minutes
Location: Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes

Person Centred Counselling Hypnotherapy

Therapy that suits you, counselling needs to be individual not ‘one size fits all’.

Talking therapy assists you to find ways to overcome challenges, using hypnotherapy to calm the hyper aroused, play therapy skills for children to overcome trauma, and non judgemental listening skills to assist positive change.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

I have a particular interest in special needs, as a mother to autistic children I know the challenges this can cause! In children’s services I was Autism lead, and provide support to children and parents.

Issues I can help with include:

  • Anxiety
  • Domestic abuse
  • Depression
  • Bereavement ( I am a therapist for a children’s cancer charity)
  • Anger management
  • Stress
  • Sexuality

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me either for a chat or to book a consultation

Telephone : +44 7856 945579

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